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… is the Hering AG motto. And who could be better at that than our customers around the world? Take a look at the international Hering reference list for our current projects. We will be happy to meet with you personally to provide you with in-depth answers on plant design and performance.

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  Nation Order Technical Object
Scotland,  7008056 Steam Boiler for Whiskey distillery
Estonia,  7008039 Exhaust Gas Heat Exchanger
Northern Ireland,  Kilroot 7006798 Power Plant
SNCR Cooling Device
Austria, Jenbach 7002990 Exhaust Gas System
Cyprus, Vasilikos 7001250 Shell & Tube Heat Exchanger
Germany, Neurath 7001496 Twin Oil Cooler
Germany, Neurath 7001497 Gland Steam Condenser
Germany, Wilhelmshaven 7003083 Gland Steam Condenser
Germany, Wilhelmshaven 7003088 Lube Oil Cooler
Germany, Schongau 7005741 Heating Condenser
Germany, Ludwigshafen 7005782 External Boiler
Finnland, Oulu 7001658 Oilcooler
France, Bordeaux 7006340 Exhaust heat recovery + Condenser
Ireland, Dublin 7003420 Steam Boiler
Italy, Orzinuovi 7006450 Steam Boiler
Norway 7005975 Shell & Tube bundle for biomassplant
Poland, Krakau 7005500 Steam Boiler
Portugal 7005076 Vacuum Cooling units
Russia, Chelyabinsk 7005083 Gland Steam Condenser for power plant
Sweden, Obbola 7000955 Gland Steam Condenser
Switzerland, St. Gallen 7005961 External Boiler
Turkey 7004176 Twin Oil Cooler
United Kingdom, Liverpool 7006004 Exhaust heat recovery
  Nation Order Technical Object
Jamaica  7008447 Gland Steam Condenser
Puerto Rico  7008134 Gas Cooler
Brasilia, Santos 7005435 Shell & Tube Heat Exchanger
Canada, Ontario 7005456 Exhaust heat recovery with bypass
Canada, Alberta 7005457 Shell & Tube Heat Exchanger for oil industry
Colombia, Bogota 7005426 CIP Heater for Brewery
Costa Rica, San Jose 7005966 CIP-Cooler for Brewery
Mexico, Mexicali 66/59830 Gland Steam Condenser for power plant
Uruguay 7001636 Oil purifying plant
USA, New York 7005638 Exhaust Heat Recovery
USA, Miami 7005505 Exhaust Heat Recovery
Venezuela, Caracas 7005971 Gland Steam Condenser for power plant
Guatemala 7008877 CIP Heater for Brewery
  Nation Order Technical Object
Philippines, Masinloc 7008172 Gland Steam Condenser
Malaysia, Kidurong 7008200 Gland Steam Condenser
Bahrain 7008212 Gland Steam Condenser
Oman 7008026 Gland Steam Condenser
Kazakhstan 7007557 Exhaust Heat Exchanger+Bypass
China, Zhunguay 7005441 Oil purifying plant
Dubai 7005786 Oil purifying plant
Hongkong 7000661 Oil purifying plant
India 7006116 Shell / Tube Heat Exchanger for refinery
Iran, Teheran 7001622 Vacuum pump system
Japan 7000432 Ozon-Generator
Philippines 7006101 CIP-Heater for Brewery
Pakistan 7001368 Shell & Tube Heat Exchanger for Natronplant
Saudi Arabia, Jeddah 7000416 Twin Oil Cooler for power plant
South Korea, Busan 7004473 Gland Steam Condenser
Taiwan 7003990 Shell & Tube Heat Exchanger for IT-Industry
Georgia 7008811 Gland Steam Condenser
Kambodscha 7008571 Gland Steam Condenser
Aserbaidschan 7009007 Shell / Tube Heat Exchanger
  Nation Order Technical Object
Cameroun 7008329 Steam Boiler
Tunisia, Tunis 7008029 Steam Generator
Algeria, Terga 7002529 Gland Steam Condenser
Libya 7005431 Air/Water cooling unit
South Africa, Merbank 7000204 Gland Steam Condenser
Sudan, Khartoum 7004899 Lube Oil Cooler
  Nation Order Technical Object
Australia, Melbourne 7005795 Exhaust heat recovery with bypass and safety equipment
Australia 7000958 Gland Steam Condenser for power plant

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