Made in Gunzenhausen

The technically sophisticated Hering products are always “customized solutions” and provide our customers with a wide range of custom process-oriented solutions.
With an integrated process chain – which extends from in-house engineering to in-house production – our heat exchangers are the result of the “We are Hering” philosophy and bear the designation “Made in Gunzenhausen/Germany”.
Hering AG products are characterized by durability, high plant availability, and a high level of reliability, according to testimonials by our international clientele.

Large-scale power plants

Hering AG provides extensive know-how and vast experience in the power plant technology sector with conventional energy generation from coal, nuclear power or gas, as well as energy generated from renewable resources.

As a long-term partner for the leading global builders and fitters of power plants, we develop and manufacture customer-specific heat exchangers for every performance range and in compliance with the highest requirements for energy efficiency, safety, and durability.

Examples of our products:
• Gland Steam Condensers (GSC)
• Oil coolers
• High-pressure and low-pressure preheaters
• Main and auxiliary condensers

Cogeneration / CHP Technology

The increasing scarcity of fossil energy sources and the decreased use of nuclear energy and coal demand and encourage decentralized solutions for energy generation.

In addition to customer-specific heat exchanger solutions, Hering AG also provides complete integrated plant solutions, so-called plug-and-play solutions.

Safety technology, additional equipment (pumps, valves, filters, fittings, and pipes, etc.), and the corresponding control technology complete the product portfolio of our core competence.

Hering AG has succeeded in establishing itself in this market segment early on and supplies highly efficient technical solutions, which are perfectly tailored to the attributes and requirements of state-of-the-art plant technology.

Examples of our products:
• Exhaust heat recovery with/without bypass
• Steam generators with/ without economizer 
• Thermal oil heaters
• Hot steam boiler with integrated overheater                                                                                                • Container Plug & Play solutions

Food industry

Exceptionally high requirements apply for the production and processing of foods. For decades, Hering AG heat exchangers have safely met requirements regarding the safety of materials and surfaces, highest precision processing methods, and maximum operating safety.

Whether for finest chocolates, soups and sauces, ice cream or pasta from brand name manufacturers around the world – Hering AG heat exchangers make an active contribution every day to ensure great taste, optimal processability, long shelf life, and the health of our food products.

Examples of our products:
• Crystallizers
• Pasteurization equipment
• CIP heaters

Brewery technology

In order to create the rich flavor and aromatic diversity of a beer with distinctive character, heating during the production process must be done with particular care and precision. The same care is taken in regard to the energy required to achieve this.

Hering AG provides custom heat exchanger concepts that meet these requirements. That’s why breweries around the world rely on Hering products.

Examples of our products:
• External boiler systems
• Internal boiler systems
• Vapor condensers
• CIP heaters

Chemical industry

Crucial criteria for supplying the chemical industry and their suppliers are meeting the highest requirements set by specifications and standards.
Hering AG offers custom solutions for the chemical industry with their special material solutions and processing techniques combined with years of experience in process engineering.

Examples of our products:
• Vaporizers
• Vacuum cooling units
• Ozone generators
• Condensers


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