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23 MW of district heating “Made in Gunzenhausen”

HERING AG supplies ten exhaust gas heat exchangers, including automatic cleaning plant and bypass system to Kraftwerk Pforzheim GmbH, installed with Jenbacher J920 natural gas engines.

The HERING AG plants make it possible to generate thermal energy from the flue gas and feed approx. 23 MW of district heating into the grid. The exhaust gas heat exchangers are directly connected to the flow of the flue gas. The maximum flow rate through the district heating network is 14.6 bar(g).

For the overall order, a sum of approximately 130 tons of steel and 200 km of bundled pipe are integrated. In the last few days, the material has been delivered in several containers.

The entire HERING AG workforce is highly motivated to accomplish the order to the greatest satisfaction of our customers, and to deliver the highest quality products "Made in Gunzenhausen".

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